How a PSA hoodwinked America into thinking Climate Change was the fault of individual in/action.

“Some people have a deep, abiding respect for the natural beauty that was once this country,” pause for dramatic effect while trash is slung out of a car window, “and some people don’t.” Insert a…

Can we also talk about the garment workers and the whole supply chain involved with style and fashion? The whole issue of style and fashion predominately refers to women, and I think it's really a disservice to not talk about how the women in the 'fashion' industry are treated, not just in who is considered stylish, but in who made our clothes. Female seamstresses still get paid less than their male counterparts across the globe. You also raise the idea of style and fashion to the elitist, which disregards so many others.

I don't think this article considered women enough and I actually find it a little sexist in what it didn't say.

What a beauitufl tribute, Mr. President. My condolences to you and your family. A grandmother's warmth is a special thing indeed. I recently lost my grandmother, as well. She was one of my favorite people and her absence will be felt; yet I am also beyond grateful for the love and lessons and warmth she gave me throughout the years.

I made this tapestry two years after two mass shootings happened in the same day. I’m sharing it here because the question still begs to be asked, How many more hearts have to break before we see real change?

The answer seems so easy, the research is out there. Stricter…

You can take the deaths out of it, uber rich folks and celebrities still get away with harming people and causing extreme damage to their lives. Take Woody Allen, Jeffery Epstein, Bill Cosby, and more. For years and decades, society sided with the abuser because they could buy their way out of it. Or the superrich nobodies like Brock Turner who can rape a woman and get a slap on the hand. This spaks to a larger issue about how we don't value women. But to your point, the rich and famous get away with a lot more than just manslaughter.

It was a slap in the face. My long time partner told me he fell out of love with me and checked out a while ago. It was our eight year anniversary. That afternoon, the news declared all events were cancelled and the world would go on lockdown to slow…

When I heard the news that only a third of people voted in my county during last week’s primary race — and it was the highest turnout in almost 20 years — I was appalled. Shocked. Angry. I anticipate voter turnout will be higher in November for the big election…

The car crashed I heard.

“We need to pray” she said.

Someone has fallen they found.

“It doesn’t look good” we were assured.

My friends are dead.

Let’s go back to FloridaI thought

There is sun and beach and family

The internal battle I still fought.





Happy birthday Frida! You would be 111 years today.

What a life! What a woman! What an incredible human. The life of Frida Kahlo — Mexican painter, feminist, activist, outspoken artist, storyteller of life, phenomenal woman — is such an original work of art; you can’t help but be inspired.

Maybe you can relate.

I wake up and my heart is still racing. I wonder if I even slept. Yesterday held a few disappointments. Yesterday was a good day for lessons. Lessons about communication and clarification, the importance of asking questions and having as many details as possible.

I’m glad…

Ericka Leigh

Artist. Entrepreneur. Sustainability Advocate. Musings on the intersections of life, the environment, art, & fashion.

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